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Passive home construction aims to ease impact of wildfires, extreme heat in Sacramento

A new kind of home construction is coming to Sacramento to help battle the impact of extreme heat and wildfires.

The certified passive homes are built to meet a high standard for air quality and low energy use.

Andrew Turner is the CEO of GoodSpace High Performance Builders and is the home builder behind Sacramento’s first-ever certified ‘passive home.

Passive homes are designed to heat and cool themselves and are sealed tight to protect the living space from bad air quality outside. The difference in these healthier homes isn’t what they look like on the outside, it’s what they’re made of on the inside.

The Passive House: Minimum Energy, Maximum Comfort

As our climate changes, leading to colder winters and hotter summers—along with more intense wildfire smoke infiltrating the valley—one Sacramento builder is bringing a new type of structure to town. It’s called a “passive house,” an airtight abode that even our region’s dreaded pollen can’t work its way into.

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